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What is ‘Good Safety Business?’

Good safety business lies in establishing a ‘safety first’ culture.

In a competitive world every company seeks business advantage or the potential to lever against earlier initiative, projects and applied strategies. We have all learned the lessons of effectiveness and efficiency as a means of optimising effort and minimising waste.  Recent research and organisational best practice modeling consistently demonstrates that those organisations who invest in Safety First Cultures gain significant return on investment at all levels of operational practice and staff appreciation reflected in value and worth.

Every organisation is fully aware of its legislative requirement surrounding Health and Safety and we all strive to meet and surpass the required standard.  A Safety First Culture instills a much greater commitment to safety and makes it a goal for continual improvement through the belief in and active pursuance of ‘The Perfect Safety Day’ across every Project, Contract and Operation.  Once established it has the potential to build Intrinsic Motivation within employees to understand Safety, take personal responsibility for his/her self and extend that to keep their workmates, team mates and colleagues safe.

Here at Unison we believe that investment in a safety first culture will yield significant returns in many areas:

  • Shareholder Confidence
  • Higher Productivity
  • Brand value and improved image
  • Staff retention and engagement
  • Lower costs, injury and accidents
  • Reduced insurance claims and litigation
  • Social responsibility
  • Improved business relationships ? Contractors, Customers, Staff/Families, Communities

Your Business ? Your Future ? Your Journey

UnisonSafety addresses the human factors related to workplace safety; our goal is to assist organisations to develop their own individual safety culture. Our highly experienced psychology-based consultancy team consists of a diverse group of experienced consultants with a range of backgrounds including organisational psychology, clinical psychology, research, the behavioural sciences, information technology, management and training.


Improving Recruitment Outcomes

Improving Safety Performance

Establishing a Safety Culture Baseline

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