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While in principle, performance management practices help to create a productive workplace environment, in high-risk environments, such as mining and construction, performance management issues are a critical safety concern.

The Safety Risk Profile (SRP), if applied will assure that you recruit applicants who will align to your organisations safety expectations. They have the innate personal responsibility to serve the company’s vision of Zero Harm. If respectively applied to existing staff undoubtedly unaligned employees will be identified. Although ‘Core Values’ will not be altered, it is possible to influence and positively change specific to Attitudes and Behaviours.

UnisonSafety’s Performance Management workshop specifically focuses on Safety Attitudinal change to reduce the negative attitudes and behaviours in the employee.

Key learning outcomes:

  • To give Team Leaders, Supervisors and Managers the skills to ask and challenge staff relating to concerns of safety;
  • To equip participants with the tools to deal with individuals who continually flaunt and breach safety protocols, guides and requirements, thereby endangering self and other team mates;
  • To provide instruction on how to approach the hard-conversations around safety;
  • To increase an individual’s confidence in dealing with difficult situations; and
  • To assess an employee’s capacity to comply with stringent safety standards and empower individuals to act on negative outcomes.

Organisations that make this investment not only produce a safer worker, but the previously ill-aligned employee through his/her own realisation often transends into a Safety Champion and positively affects others. This is particularly true of Team Leaders and Managers.

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