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Safety Leadership Training for Managers and Supervisors

Supervisors and managers are the role models for safety in your workplace. The way that managers and supervisors approach risk can have a massive influence on other employees and on the safety culture of your organisation.

UnisonSafety offers an in-depth Safety Leadership Program for supervisors and managers that empowers them to become transformational safety leaders. The program draws on psychological, leadership, managerial, and adult learning principles and consists of:

  • Hogan Leadership styles, individual diagnositic assessment and one-on-one debrief of results
  • Two day workshop consisting of eight interactive modules (practice, acquire and apply effective leadership behaviour)
  • One-on-one coaching (to engrain behavioural change)

The Safety Leadership Program complements the Frontline Safety training program provided to frontline employees, and provides an excellent grounding in human factors management and understanding in how attitudes towards safety can affect behaviour.

Key learning outcomes:

  • Greater awareness of the powerful influence they have over other workers;
  • A greater understanding of their own personal safety leadership style;
  • Improved communication, rapport and conflict resolution skills;
  • Confidence and skills¬†to confront risky behaviour and promote safety in the workplace; and
  • Strategies to become motivational safety leaders.

The Safety Leadership Program provides managers and supervisors with the knowledge, skills and mindset necessary to become effective safety leaders.

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