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Safety Inductions for New Employees

Unison Safety can develop a safety induction program to align the attitudes and values of new employees to the safety standards and expectations of your organisation.

New employees bring with them different ideas, safety standards and values. Their behaviour is influenced by their past workplace experiences, and they may have developed unsafe habits or poor risk management skills.

Based on our frontline employee training, the induction program enables new employees look to at their attitude to safety with fresh eyes.  The induction introduces the concept of human factors, and explains that our perceptions, values and personality all have a bearing on our behaviour. New employees are encouraged to align their own safety values with the safety standard of your business.

Key learning outcomes:

  • New employees learn that their attitudes, emotions and personality shape their behaviour
  • Individuals gain a better understanding of their own personal risk profile;
  • Participants are encouraged to rethink their approach to risk and develop a more positive attitude to safety;
  • The induction uses psychology and cognitive behaviour training to help new employees make safer decisions in the workplace;
  • The skills developed at the induction have ongoing benefits that can be applied across all work areas.

Our induction program is motivating and practical, and incorporates real life examples of risk in your workplace. The program is tailored to the needs of your business, and can be customised to incorporate the safety rules and standards of your company.


1. Small groups presented by qualified Senior Psychologist specialising in Mining and Construction deliver this high quality proven six hour workshop.
2. Proven seven years of success in reducing accident across industry groups .
3. Dovetails into any orientation or on-boarding strategy.
4. Allows the client to align its own behavioural model and standards through customisation.
5. Mobile and portable it can be delivered on site or at central training centres
6. Cost effective and proven to yield significant return on investment

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