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Training for Frontline Employees

Our safety training programs empower workers to take ownership of their own safety. They are designed to address the human aspect of safety and aim to change people’s perceptions and attitudes towards safety.

We use psychology and ground-breaking research to open people’s eyes and get them to understand their own personal attitude to safety. We then provide fun, practical cognitive safety training that helps people to make safer decisions and competently manage risk.

All of our safety training workshops are delivered in line with adult learning principles. We offer interactive workshops that incorporates real-life situations from the workplace. Employees are actively encouraged to participate in the workshops and integrate their learning into everyday work practices.

Key learning outcomes:

  • Participants learn that their attitudes, emotions and personality can affect safety;
  • Employees gain a better understanding of their own attitudes and risk-taking characteristics;
  • The workshops offer practical and psychological strategies to change negative attitudes and improve safety behaviours;
  • Participants learn how to make safer decisions and manage risk more competently; and
  • The workshops offer long-lasting benefits that are transferrable to all areas of the workplace.

Our safety training workshops can be customised to incorporate the safety initiatives and values of your organisation. We can provide training workshops on site or at a central training venue.

Unison Safety also offers specialised safety training programs for supervisors and managers. Please visit our Safety Leadership page for more information about our leadership programs.

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