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Maintain a Strong Safety Culture

Unison Safety can help your organisation to build and maintain a positive safety culture.

The safety climate of your workplace is constantly evolving. As new employees join your organisation, they bring different ideas and attitudes to safety. Over time, existing employees can also become complacent about risk unless they are reminded to put safety first.

In order to maintain a high standard, you need to make safety assessment and training part of your everyday business practices. Unison Safety offers pre-employment screening, safety induction programs and refresher training courses that can be integrated into your ongoing safety management programs to sustain a safer working environment.Unison Safety also offers refresher training for existing employees. Refresher training programs can be delivered on site or at a central training venue.

Our safety maintenance programs send a clear message to both new and existing employees that safety comes first in your organisation. For more information, please view our Pre-employment Screening and Safety Induction pages.